Training Unit

anche Cyprian Baba
Edanche Cyprian Baba
Head of Training Unitt

Functions of Patrol Unit:

  1. Patrolling of the whole University environment at large for the purpose of prevention and detection of crime.
  2. Apprehension of offenders within the University environment.
  3. Protection of life and property of student and staff of the University.
  4. Controlling and Protecting the Security Headquarters.
  5. Checkmating of Security Staff on Duty during Patrol.
  6. Responding to all Emergency Situation.
  7. Maintain stand by tactical squad for any emergency situation.
  8. Conveyance of arrested suspect within the University environment to the security head quarters for prompt security investigation.
  9. Conveyance of sick students immediately to sickbay for treatment with the Security Patrol Van.
  10. Arresting of stray Animals within the University Premises.
  11. Receive all Security break alerts/incidents of fire out break for emergency action.
  12. Handling and controlling of security information communication handset for passing messages to staffs and students