Special Task Force Unit

Shehu Usman Bello
Shehu Usman Bello
Head of Special Task Force Unit

The Special Taskforce is focused on the Following Priorities:

  1. Secret cult and its related activities that includes but not limited to the following:
  2. Organized examination malpractices
  3. Armed robbery and all other cases of violent natures or tendencies.
  4. Drug abuse and peddling
  5. Establishment of all non students in the University campuses through liaison efforts between the Unit and Departments of the University as well as through Intelligence means to mitigate any threats that may arise from their presence in the University.
  6. Another object that is being pursued is the identification of the University boys quarters residents in all residential areas to reduce criminal activities in the residential areas.
  7. Any other duties that may be assigned to the office by the Chief Security Officer.

    Mode of Operations:

  1. Collect Intelligence on Issues of Interest to the Security of the University through covert operations by recruiting and tasking agents within and outside the university to collect information of interest and forming intelligence cells as appropriate.
  2. Organizing operational campaigns in follow-up of processed intelligence.
  3. Investigate outcome of operations, report findings and make recommendations as appropriate to the Chief Security Officer.
  4. Review Operational and Investigation results for the purpose of further planning as may be required by the achieved objectives.
  5. Initiate pro-active investigations on perceived Security Threats with a view of preventing its consequences, mitigating impact on unavoidable threats.
  6. Profile risk and vulnerability on identified threats for the purpose of building response capacity in order to improve resilience of subject.
  7. Design response plans on identified threats base on item six(6) above.
  8. Build contingency plans in the event of failure of existing security structure.