School Of Basics And Remedtal Studies

Mohammed Bawa
Mohammed Bawa
Head of School Of Basics And Remedtal Studies

Functions of School Of Basics And Remedtal Studies:

  1. .Answerable to the Director on daily Security Situations
  2. Internal posting
  3. Staff discipline
  4. In-coming and Out-going correspondence
  5. Records keeping
  6. Singing of student clearance forms
  7. Weekly and final examination coverage
  8. Processing of both Remedial and Basic Students Identification Cards
  9. Member of the following Committees:

  10. Contributing to the Advisory Committee on Student Discipline (ACBD)
  11. Contributing to Farm Allocation Committee
  12. Contributing to Market Management Committee
  13. Contributing to the School Security Committee
  14. Contributing to Internal Security Committee
  15. Contributing to Housing Allocation Committee
  16. Police community Relation Committee(PCRC)