Provost Unit

Omale A.Yunusa
Omale A.Yunusa
Head of Provost Unit

Function Of Provost :

  1. The present Provost Unit was created in 1999. This unit is being Commanded byOmale A. Yunusa. The Unit was created to serve specific special functions. The unit is to enforce discipline. It is made of men and women who are trained by Man O’ War training.
  2. Discipline: It is shouldered with the responsibility of ensuring discipline amongst the staff of the Security Division and members of the university community, which includes staff, students and others.
  3. They usually responds to lawlessness and protests.
  4. Providing Security Cover for dignitaries: They are responsible for the security of special guest to the university.
  5. University Programs: They Provide Security cover for all university programmed such as: Convocations, Matriculations, Congregation and elections etc.
  6. Student Programme: They cover all students state association, election congresses all other social activities
  7. Orders: They take directives and order from the Chief Security Officer as the need arises. In conclusion, this unit operates on 24 hours basis. Below are the units contact numbers: