Umar Shehu Diri
Umar Shehu Diri
Head of Hunters

Functions of Hunters Unit:

    Hunter unit is attached to security Division and under the C.S.O on 15th May.2008.

    it was created with forty hunters, but through the effort of the chief security Officer. It has now recruited more than two hundred and thirty four hunters to man the porous areas in order to reduce the risk of attacks around the unfenced areas.

    Umar Shehu Diri who is receiving command directly from the chief Security Officer of the University is head of the Unit.

    To prevent all forms of illegal criminal activities in the valleys and forested areas of the University. They are licensed to carry fire arms(Dane guns)while other regular security casual are not

    Functions Of Casual Security(Hunters)In A.B.U.Zaria:

  1. They protect the peripherals of the University:
  2. protection of valley from Ganga Uku to Booster station, A.B.U press, ICSA/Ramat Halls up to Kubanni Dam.
  3. Valley from Akenzua to Area 'A'(Part I&II),behind Energy Research down to koraye
  4. Valley from Crop Protection/Savannah Forestry Research Institute to ABU Staff School Annex, Kudingi Road Leading to the Dam.
  5. Valley From Area 'G' Block of 9 flats, Area F; behind BZ down to Kubanni Dam.
  6. University Farm is effectively manned, by Hunters from the against theft of farm products, damage to experimental farms, orchards and nature seeds and control cattle rustling.
  7. Hunters do assist in preventing unlawful activities and cults related act in the valley areas e.g sexual harassment, robbery, theft, drug abuse and smoking of weeds.
  8. Hunter gather intelligence from the locals for the planning purpose of A.B.U Security gathering because they are always with the locals.
  9. They also Check illegal grazing by cattle rearers in the university environment.
  10. The hunters provides effective armed protection to residential areas and University critical facilities days and night.
  11. Presently, the hunters unit has a total of two hundred and thirty four agile and active staff.
  12. Basic task to patrol all porous areas and tackles the problems associated with encroachment, infiltration(s) and all forms of Criminal Intrusion through the areas identified above.