Dispute Management Unit

Sanusi Aliyu
J.A Tkwu
Head of Dispute Management Unit

Functions of Dispute Management Unit:

  1. The Dispute Management Unit(DMU)formerly known as the crime unit is a composite of investigation unit Duty office Exhibit Room&Suspect-Squad.
  2. Function OF these sub-unit as Mentioned above are as follows:

  3. Investigation of Cases
  4. Settlement of disputes among staff and students.
  5. Issuance of Gate-passes
  6. Prosecution of offenders either through the Nigeria police or the University management through various committees like student advisory commit ties on discipline, staff Disciplinary committee ,E.T.C.
  7. Submission of official report to the management on cases for further necessary action.
  8. Duty Office

  9. keeping custody of departmental office-keys
  10. Custody of apprehended stray Animals.
  11. Custody of departmental vehicles
  12. Custody of Suspects
  13. Exhibit Keeping

  14. As the name implies, all exhibits inform of lost but formed, safe-keeping items are kept and maintenance by the exhibit keeper/store office of the Division.
  15. Suspects Squad

  16. this is an undercover operation that initiates proactive investigation as deemed necessary. It is both proactive and reactive in its operations
  17. Activities of the component sections of the DMU are Coordinated and Supervised by the officer in-charge/Dispute management unit.