Arewa-House A.B.U.Kaduna

Daniel Yohanna Tagwai
Daniel Yohanna Tagwai
Head of Area-House

Functions of Arewa-House A.B.U.Kaduna:

Security is the backbone of any organizations,institutions,companies,states and the nation at large;therefore,the main objectives of this unit(Security)is to protect the lives and properties of the University,pervention of crimes,and handover to polices authorities for prosection of offenders.

what is Security:Security simply refers to all measures,procedures and controls designed to protect persons and his properties against the hazards of crimes,damages and waste.The security is estsblished by law to deal with offences against persons,property and sabotage in the state especially Ahmadu Bello Univeristy Security whose functions are to watch,prevent,protect and to save live and properties,arrest and handover to the police authorities for prosecution of offenders.

Prevention Of Crimes/Method:As the duty of a security guard is to prevent crimes,He must learn the menthod by which he can achieve this objective.But the most obvious thing is the proper patrol of the areas assigned to him/her to watch against any thief or any intruder or unauthorized person(s).His/her eyes and mind can assist him/her to observe or watch passerby or person loitering around for opportunity to commit some offence at any given moment.When the patrolman,he/she is lazy,weak or inattentive at his patrol areas is off his guard,by observatoin,he can see when any of the passerby is carrying with him either on his head,or in his hand or inside his car a stolen property.He can watch even characteristic movement of persons passing by or the awkward movemnet of a person carrying some illegal property.