Alh Ashiru T.Zango
Alh Ashiru T.Zango

Welcome Message

ABU Security Division was established among others enforcement of laws within the university and to safe guard lives and properties of the members' of university community. Students are the most important of this university community because without students there can never be academic staff, non-academic staff, shops owners and the rest of the community members. It is worthy to note that the Ahmadu Bello University campuses are very safe and conducive for learning. As human environment, however, the campuses are not completely free from occasional day to day problems and simple crimes like stealing, criminal trespass, assault, criminal breach of trust, fraudulent acts etc. Such crimes occur from time to time. But the occurrence of such serious crimes like murder, armed robbery, rape, organized crimes as kidnapping and terrorism are very rare. The Security Division network is improved in order to beef up and to meet the need of current National Security challenges, the security staff may stop, check and demand the identity of any person they reasonably suspect either a student or a staff. In doing so, it is very likely that students and staff may be asked to identify themselves from time to time.

The security as we all know, is a service rending unit that is saddled with the responsibility of ensuring peace, settlement of misunderstanding among students and staff, protection of lives and properties members of the university community and ensuring that the rules and regulations of the university are strictly complied with.

To succeed in these, we have the following units under the SECURITY DIVISION:- Patrol Unit,Investigation Unit,Intelligence Unit,Special Taskforce Unit,Provost Unit,Rapid Response Squad,Duty Office,Dispute Management Unit,Hunters Unit,Fire Service Unit,Traffic Unit,Base Control Room Unit,Training Unit,Research & Development Unit,Operations Unit



Our vision is to consistently through aggressive patrols, meticulous supervision and application of physical security measures provide a safe and secure environment conducive for learning and research in A.B.U. Campuses now and in future..


Our mission is to provide a safe and secure environment for students, staff and campus visitors. In line with the Division’s mission. We shall continue to purse this mission through a community friendly approach, aggressive patrol, monitoring of our critical infrastructure and crime prevention and awareness programmes. We also collaborate with external security agencies and various community organizations in fulfilling our mission as may be directed by the Chief Security Officer (CSO).


  • To ensure the safety and security of A.B.U. community and her immediate environment.
  • To address A.B.U. Security needs.
  • Prevention of potentially violent situations through good intelligence.
  • Address and coordinate safety and security strategies with other security agencies in Zaria.


Ahmadu Bello University, (ABU) Zaria, provides a life-time opportunity for the educational, moral and psychological development of its students. This is because in addition to its attractive and quality academic programmes, vibrant social, spiritual and recreational activities, the University is large in size; its structures, procedures and mode of operation are complex while its staff and students composition is diverse. Currently, Ahmadu Bello University occupies over 7,000 hectres of land, it has about 40,000 students and over 5000 staff who are of different faiths and come from all parts of Nigeria, Africa and the rest of the world.